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When TOP PACK develops your packaging solution, we start on a journey together. This is a complex process, but we pride ourselves on making easy, smooth and efficient. From the initial brief to final delivery there are a number of steps each and every one of our projects follows to successful completion.

  • Your enquiry

    You have a new brand, product launch, new collection or line extension. An enquiry kicks off the process.

  • Creating the brief

    During our initial engagement, we draw up a brief, taking into consideration physical requirements (stability, compatibility, etc), aesthetic requirements, logistic issues and your marketing timeline.

  • Sourcing

    The brief is channelled to the sourcing staff. They source the most suitable solution based on market knowledge, their ongoing dialogue with our manufacturing partners and continual scouting for new trends.

  • Your Options

    You are presented with options that offer alternative proposals for better price/performance, all delivered with relevant market intelligence.

  • Order

    Once you become a TOP PACK customer, we become part of your team. You'll get a personal account manager, who maintains an open dialogue with your marketing and technical teams. You'll receive regular reports on your order's progress, as well as news from the industry on new products and trends.

  • Project management

    Throughout the life of the project, our project management team brings all elements together as a seamless entity, orchestrating sourcing, design, testing, production and logistics, to bring your pack to life.

  • PPS

    Pre-production samples are delivered before mass production starts. These are subjected to two levels of quality control, tested by the manufacturer as standard and tested by TOP PACK as part of our development process. This includes our own manufacturing company, Technotraf.

  • Production

    Once the samples are approved, mass production starts.

  • Quality assurance

    All packs developed are subjected to multiple test phases: pre-production testing by the manufacturer, optional pre-production testing by TOP PACK (formula ageing, dimension evaluation, weight loss, dosage accuracy, torque, leakage, colour matching), random testing during production and final testing on completion.

  • Your products are shipped

    A rolling shipping schedule is created and your products are transported by sea- or air- or combined freight, with a four-week standard delivery time from the Far East or less from Europe.

  • Track your order's progress

    The rolling schedule is continually updated. Full information on your shipment’s whereabouts is always available and you are invited to call in any time for tracking data.

  • Delivery

    Your order is delivered to your door. Your product’s journey has just begun, as has your relationship with TOP PACK.

  • After-sales support

    With TOP PACK as your packaging partner, you have a packaging team permanently at your disposal – as well as a source for trends, industry news and advice.