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2022-06-14 17:23:04

Chinese elements in eco-friendly beauty packaging

2022-06-14 17:23:04

Chinese elements are not new in cosmetic packaging industry. Due to rising Guochao (literally “national trend”) movement in China, Chinese elements are everywhere from shape design, decorations to colour coordinating, among others

But have you heard sustainable Guochao?It is the combination of Chinese elements and sustainability. In fact, this is what many Chinese packaging suppliers are doing. They are working to add Chinese elements to their products while caring more about the environment. MZPACK is such a premium supplier who has long been at the forefront of sustainable Guochao in beauty sector. Today, BeautySourcing will show how MZPACK integrates Chinese elements into its latest green beauty packaging innovation.

When it comes to Chinese elements, a lot of things may come to one's mind: dragon, the Forbidden City, chopsticks, paper cutting, red lanterns, and tea, etc. In particular, tea has an extremely close relationship to Chinese culture. It has been synonymous with China since ancient times.

For years, tea has been favoured by people because of its unique taste and health benefits. Today tea has also found a place in beauty sector as it abounds in catechins, a kind of polyphenol compounds, which could produce strong whitening and antioxidant effects. But tea is not fully utilised when it is made into a cosmetic ingredient and there are many tea leftover materials, such as stems. Considering this issue, MZPACK works with a laboratory dedicated to environmental design to maximise the value of tea.

MZPACK launches a set of new low-carbon, eco-friendly beauty containers. These containers are made from PLA and nanoscale black tea fibres. PLA, or Poly Lactic Acid, is a new type of biodegradable material. At the same time, the nanoscale black tea fibres coming from finely ground tea leftover materials can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature. More than 95% of packaging will be degraded in 180 days. Ultimately, the packaging will be turned into only carbon dioxide and water without any other pollutants. The carbon dioxide goes directly into soil organic matter or is absorbed by plants. No carbon dioxide will be released into the air, so it will not add to greenhouse gases. Arguably, MZPACK’s new arrival not only follows the sustainable trend but also maximises the value of black tea.

Surprisingly, MZPACK’s innovation is a feast for multiple senses. The PLA materials ensure the same physical and chemical properties as traditional materials, such as, compatibility, gloss, transparency, feel and heat resistance, etc. The containers feel cool, heavy and smooth just like a jade. Visually, they are in light rufous. They look warm, low-key and elegant - these are at the core of China’s tea culture and values.

Typically, beauty packaging suppliers work harder on visual and tactile design to help their containers stand out. Some suppliers may even pursue sustainability at the expense of visual and tactile designs, such as some minimalist packaging designs. But MZPACK thinks out of the box. Beside visual and touch dimensions, the company also considers the smell. Its new containers retain the aroma of tea raw materials. Every time people apply cosmetic products, a bit of tea fragrance will always clings to their hands. What a fantastic experience!