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2021-07-06 11:18:18

Most Loved Brands—in the US & the World

2021-07-06 11:18:18

Talkwalker analyzed consumer conversations on social media from over 1,200 brands to identify the 50 most loved brands in the world—and several beauty brands ranked high.

Fenty is the most loved brand in the US, followed by Netflix and Hulu. Huda Beauty is the most loved brand in the world.

The report provides insights into the trends shaping "pandemic marketing," since the rankings were compiled during the 2020 and the Covid pandemic. Talkwalker's Love Brands 2021 Report is a free download.

Fenty Beauty is America's Most Loved Brand

What propelled Fenty Beauty to rise to become America's most loved brand?

The "ability to establish meaningful, authentic connections with fans," Talkwalker states—and beauty consumers appreciated this during the pandemic. 

"Beauty brands have been at the forefront of using social media to build relationships and spread joy with followers online during the pandemic—causing them to rise to the top of our rankings," Talkwalker states. The report shows the brands that shifted messaging strategies, engaged with their social communities to foster loyalty, and created a sense of belonging in uncertain times.

Ranking the Most Loved Brands in the World

Talkwalker's report includes all types of companies, but several beauty brands earned top spots in the top 10—

  • Huda Beauty is #1 
  • MAC Cosmetics is #3
  • Benefit Cosmetics is #4
  • Urban Decay is #6
Several other beauty brands ranked high enough to deserve mention—Olay (#12), Pond’s (#18), Glossier (#23), Ulta Beauty (#39), Truly Beauty (#40), Lancome (#41), Clarins (#43), and Revlon (#47).

Todd Grossman, CEO Americas, Talkwalker, comments, “The Brand Love 2021 list is dominated by brands that provide emotional reassurance or an opportunity to escape the reality of the pandemic. The beauty industry has established highly creative and 'snackable' influencer content that encourages viral sharing across many platforms.”

Grossman continues, “The public’s positive response to the CSR stances of these brands started by women of color also enabled their rise to the top.” 

Huda Beauty was also named the top beauty brand by Cosmetify in 2020.