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2021-03-03 11:58:05

IT Cosmetics Supports Women’s Confidence

2021-03-03 11:58:05

From day one, IT Cosmetics' mission has been to empower everyone to feel their most confident—and now the brand is committing to doing more, expanding its reach beyond the skin-loving beauty products it creates. The brand is launching “Go For It!” a new global campaign all about women’s confidence.
Over the last three years, IT Cosmetics conducted the world's largest study on women's confidence with strategic consulting firm Eranos. Through this work, IT Cosmetics found that confidence, contrary to popular belief, isn't an individual possession. Rather, it is something we all receive, give and share with others.
To underscore this finding, IT Cosmetics commissioned supplemental research to identify the women's confidence gap—how women see themselves versus how they view confident women. While the traits women link to confidence differ by country, the study found that the struggle with self-confidence is universal. It is a continual work in progress as women try new things and take steps forward in their personal and professional lives.
Measurable Action to Support Women's Confidence
To support women’s confidence, IT Cosmetics is partnering with 
Kiva, a nonprofit that helps women close the economic opportunity gap through community-sourced loans, leading to increased job security and self-assuredness.
This International Women's Day (March 8, 2021), IT Cosmetics is encouraging the IT Community to 
loan $25 to female entrepreneurs that IT Cosmetics will match (up to $100,000 U.S. dollars). IT Community members are also invited to apply for a loan to fuel their own passion project or career. By 2030, IT Cosmetics commits to lending $2 million to support women businesses through Kiva.
Additionally, IT Cosmetics will use its platform to spotlight inspiring stories from members of the IT Community as they explore their own relationships with confidence.
"IT Cosmetics believes that confidence comes from the inside and is cultivated when women have the self-assuredness and community networks to lift them up," Kristen Comings, senior vice president, Consumer Engagement at IT Cosmetics said. "We're thrilled to partner with Kiva and LeanIn.Org to empower the IT Community to begin or take the next step on their confidence journeys and to give them the support networks to help them thrive."
Driving Change from Within

Beyond its Kiva partnership, IT Cosmetics will empower its community and employees to build and strengthen their own confidence by implementing 
Lean In Circles, workshops that foster connections between small groups of women to share experiences, build each other up, and celebrate successes.