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2020-07-06 16:01:48

Vichy Launches LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti Aging Ampoule Serum

2020-07-06 16:01:48

Skincare brands have used single-dose ampoule packaging, typically sold as a set in 'regimen kits,' for a while now — but this hygienic type of package may be making more of a comback, post-pandemic.

Vichy Laboratories recently launched LiftActiv Peptide-C Anti Aging Ampoule Serum. The glass ampoule breaks easily, and contains a highly concentrated cocktail of anti-aging ingredients. It claims to “reignite radiance and reduce wrinkles.”

The serum contains 10% vitamin C, Natural Origin Hyaluronic Acid, Phyto Peptides and Vichy Mineralizing Water.

The ‘clean’ formula and hygienic glass ampoule seem to be on-trend, when we are all a bit more concerned about the environment, ingredients — and cleanliness.